Serbia, NIS launched the first thermal power plant-heating plant

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NIS launched a thermal power plant (TE-TO) in Pančevo this week, which is the first gas-steam power plant in Serbia that should contribute to Serbia’s energy security in the midst of the energy crisis, especially at a time when the Electric Power Company of Serbia (EPS) is facing a series of supply problems.

“The technology used in TE-TO enables more efficient use of fuel compared to the separate production of heat and electricity”, said NIS, which is majority-owned by Russia’s Gazprom. “Savings in fuel consumption significantly reduce the emission of harmful gases per unit of energy produced, and this reduction can reach up to 50 percent in relation to the emissions that would occur during the separate production of heat and electricity reduced per unit of energy produced”, they added.

In 2023, TE-TO Pancevo is planned to deliver about 1,400 GWh of electricity, which is enough to supply about 300,000 average households in Serbia per year, they stated in a statement from NIS published on Monday. The electricity produced is delivered to the Electric Power Company of Serbia and is not planned to be exported from the country.

This TE-TO uses natural gas, and is the first gas-steam power plant in the country. The total installed electric power of TE-TO Pancevo is 189 MW. The power plant consists of two gas turbines with generators, two utility boilers and one steam turbine with a generator.

Last week, a member of the Fiscal Council, Nikola Altiparmakov, told Bloomberg Adria TV that the state will have to provide up to one billion euros by the end of the year for EPS and Srbijagas, which found themselves in a difficult position due to the energy crisis and poor management, Bloomberg Adria reports.

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