Serbia, Nuclear energy is the only way of achieving energy security and stability

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The Director of Belgrade heating utility Rade Basta said that nuclear energy is the only way of achieving energy security and stability in Serbia.

Basta said in an interview that he has invited US companies TerraPower and Excelon Corporation the explore the possibility of the construction of the first nuclear reactor in the country.

According to him, the technologies implemented by the two US companies have the most favorable prices and provide maximum security. They offer to build a facility with a capacity of between 350 and 500 MW, with the of possibility of storing energy, thus providing security that haven’t existed in nuclear facilities so far. The modular nuclear power plants have been the best solution as a technological innovation so far and they feature a range of advantages, produce less radioactive waste material, are more efficient and can be connected to each power grid much more easily. Such a facility could be built and commissioned within seven years.

He said that the presence of Russia in Serbian energy sector is very high at the moment, and, as a future member of the European Union, Serbia should make partnerships with the US and EU companies for the purpose of establishing energy safety and security. Therefore, it is very important for the nuclear facility project to feature US technology.

Last October, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbia is interested in acquiring a minority stake in the Hungarian project for the expansion of nuclear power plant Paks. He said that Serbia is prepared to buy 5-15 % stake in the project, adding that the country is also looking in investing in SMRs and is prepared to negotiate with Russian state-owned nuclear energy company Rosatom on this matter.