Serbia: Oil pipeline company Transnafta marks profit, preparation for stock corporate status

9. August 2013. / News Serbia Energy

State owned oil network management company which is centered in Pancevo and that has several organized units in Belgrade and Novi Sad, has annual profit of about 5.701.754 MEUR, said general director of Transnafta, Milos Tomic.

Tomic assessed that it was small in comparison with giants such as EPS, NIS or Srbijagas, but it is important that company was not in minus.

During Milos Vucevic visit, mayor of Novi Sad, to the Transnafta storage in Ledinci, Tomic said to the journalists that company had 135 employers and that this number increased slowly but optimally, in accordance with work needs.

Transnafta is now in the corporatization process, in order to pass from public company status to the stock corporation status, hundred percent in state property, explained head of that company and added that in this way it was strained to more operative work in next period, especially when storage in Ledinci would be completely renewed.

Tomic said that Transnafta, although it was public company, did not get supplies from budget but made profit alone and added that NIS was main partner and the biggest contractor of their gas line, long 153 kilometers in Serbia, also part of former oil pipeline “Janaf”, that starts from Adriatic sea.

Source; Serbia Energy/Transnafta

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