Serbia: Overhaul of Mining basin company excavator at the Field“D“

5. July 2013. / Mining

In the Mining Basin “Kolubara”, the leading coal producer in Serbia, the overhaul of the coal system at the open pit mine Field “D” is underway. The most important and the largest works during the overhaul are repair and modernization of the excavator “glodar 7”, better known as “plava ptica”, and its system. According to the plan, the overhaul should be finished on July 10th, which means that the regular investment repairs of all coal production systems in the open pit mines of MB “Kolubara” should be over by that time.

Except for the usual overhaul activities, the system of frequently regulated bucket wheel is going to be placed on the BWE “glodar 7”, and that is going to enable the change in operation speed, better adjustment to the material that is being excavated and is going to contribute to the modernization of the machine operation. This system was already activated on the two excavators that are located at the OPM “Tamnava-West Field”. Expert services of “Kolubara Metal” perform these works, and they provided all necessary conditions for the quality overhaul and technical improvement of the mining equipment.

Due to the larger scope of work, it was planned for the investment repair to last longer, but it is also possible for the works to be finished before the deadline, regarding the fact that all the works are being done in accordance with the Time Schedule. When repairs are completed, conditions necessary for the smooth operation of mining machines in the winter period are going to be completed at the open pit mines of “Kolubara”. During the winter period, the production of electricity from thermal capacities, based on coal from MB “Kolubara” provides the greatest support to the power supply stability of Serbia.


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