Serbia: Overhauls in HPP “Djerdap 2”, successfully and on schedule

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Second Danube hydropower plant will welcome the year 2014th fully prepared with all 10 units in operation. -Detailed examination of old equipment of spillway dam is underway with scope consideration of upcoming inevitable reconstruction

In the HPP “Djerdap 2” overhaul season has begun in mid-year, on 27th May and will be completed later this year. It includes two major overhaul of unit 7 and 8, the replacement of excitation system on A1 and A2, sand o-called short overhaul or first degree overhaul of the ship locks.

In addition to classical works of planned preventative maintenance of equipment, also on the A7 and A8, which overhaul is just underway, will be replaced the excitation system. It is the installation of modern and reliable equipment, which will significantly contribute to the maintenance of a high level of security of the second Danube hydropower plant. The equipment is supplied by renowned Institute “Nikola Tesla” from Belgrade with which the energy experts from EC ” HPP Djerdap” have collaborated successfully for many years.

Currently, along with overhaul of A8, which will be completed on schedule in September, workers of “Djerdap2 ” do replacement of the excitation system on A2. Replacement began on 29th July and will be completed on 6th September. Replacement of the excitation system on the aggregate A1 will start on 30th September.

– With this by the end of this year will be successfully completed cycle of modernization and unification of the control equipment in the basic power plant. And it is practically important part of revitalization procedure within which, in due course, will be replaced great part of the outdated hydro mechanical and electrical equipment. Neighbors and partners from Romania are at the end of this demanding and complex project which, with the working life extension of their part of the hydropower plant, brings also the increase of efficiency level, namely of power of five megawatts per unit, namely a total of 50 megawatts.

Otherwise, within the overhaul work within the control of the turbine shafts, which in recent years had to be replaced because of extensive damage or repaired after recovery of observed splints by reinforcement of the transition radius of the turbine shaft. For now control show that this, once a huge problem in “Djerdap 2” successfully was resolved and that is very important, judging by the partners’ experience from Romania, to the extent that this equipment parts will  not have to be changed in the future revitalization.

From our interlocutor Milovanovic we find out that a detailed examination of old equipment of spillway dam is underway with scope consideration of the upcoming inevitable reconstruction. It is a complex, demanding, comprehensive and necessary project that stands in front of the energetics of second Danube hydropower plant in the near future.

For now, overhauls activities are on schedule. To the maintenance workers go on hand lower hydrology, which allows them greater parallel overhaul procedures  on two generators, with no negative impact on the efficiency level of available Danube hydro energetic potential. Therefore, it is quite certain prognosis that “Djerdap 2” will get fully prepared in 2014th with all 10 units in the EPS power system network and that will maximum and rationally use Danube hydropower potential.

The first stage of overhaul

By the end of the year, precisely in September, along with the overhaul of A7 and A1, workers of “Djerdap 2″ will do a shorter, more precisely, the first level of ship locks overhaul. It is the equipment control with eventually necessary intervention. The aim is that this part of the hydro energetic complex and navigation system of “Djerdap 2″ continues seamlessly ships translating, without uninterrupted navigation and unplanned downtime, because it is a big international obligation of both HPPs “Djerdap”.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS

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