Serbia: Overhauls in power utility EPS TPP “Kostolac B”, environment projects

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The most important activity to be performed during this year’s overhaul season in thermal power plant “Kostolac B” is connection of the B1 and B2 units with the flue gas desulphurization system. This will significantly affect reduction of emissions of air pollutants and help this energy capacity to reach the required ecological parameters.

– Environmental protection becomes increasingly important segment in operation of thermal power plants. – emphasizes Ivan Dimitrijević, Director of TPP “Kostolac B”. – A very important investment is coming to an end, so the connection of desulphurization system to the chimney lining of the unit B1, practically to the new-built stack, will be carried out during this year’s overhaul.

The unit operation was stopped on 28th May and it should restart generating electricity  at the end of June. This is a standard overhaul, with the basic aim to prepare unit B2 for winter conditions of operation. Employees in TPP “Kostolac B” maintenance department, as well as contractors from other companies, are engaged at the overhaul itself. This has been the practice over the years, having always the good effect. Overhaul works are being carried out by usual dynamics, without problems, and therefore, if everything continues as so far, the foreseen plan for overhaul completion should not be threatened and B2 unit should be connected to Serbian power network at the end of the June.

Unit B1 overhaul will be carried out during a longer outage comparing to the unit B2 and is planned to last around six weeks.

– Non-standard activity during the overhaul of this unit, as well, will be connection to the flue gas desulphurization system. Works on 110 kV plant that should be finished in August will be implemented, so that after the required taking over procedure with Chinese partners desulphurization system operation should start in September – concluded Dimitrijevic, transmits

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