Serbia: PM confirms state alliance with Gazprom and gas regional position in Balkans

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3 billion EUR will be invested in oil sector in the next three years, 2 billion in renewable sources, and around 2 billion EUR in gas sector.  Serbia Prime Minister Ivica Dacic has stated that Serbia will invest 10 billion EUR in development of energy sector during next 8 years and that will accomplish new investment unit.

Dacic said on “South Stream- pipeline evolution” that 3 billion EUR will be invested in oil sector in the next three years, 2 billion in renewable sources and 2 billion in gas sector.

According to his words, relations to Russian Gasprom and construction of South Stream 440 km long are very important. Dacic stressed that it is the most important project in gas industry together with construction of the warehouse in Banatski Dvor and Itebej what will make Serbia to become a significant factor in the region when it comes to energy stability.

“South Stream will give significant contribution to employment of domestic companies and citizens and this project is a support to common future in Europe with all countries it goes through”, Dacic said and stressed that Serbian Government is aware of its obligations and he is sure that he will accomplish them in time.

Dacic précised that gas production will be 11,8 billion cubic meters on annual plan in 2016, 36 billion cubic meters in 2020-2021 and 40 billion cubic meters of natural gas in 2015.

According to Prime Minister’s words, gas ring will connect Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Macedonia and connecting to Republika Srpska and BiH are also planned.

“Development of energy policy will enable safe energy supply to Serbia and accelerated economy development is based on pure technology- Dacic underlined.

Dacic mentioned an anniversary of birth of big Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla reminding that Tesla said that total world’s improvement depends on energy development at the opening of the first HPP on Nijagara’s waterfalls.

Source; Serbian gov/Serbia Energy