Serbia: Possible integration of Kolubara mines and TENT power plants into holding company

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Unifying “Kolubara” and TENT in one production process would be achieved a higher level of integration than it is in the “Kostolac”

Among the works from the proceedings “Mining 2013”, there is a work of examining the structure conformity and the integration level of companies Mining Basin “Kolubara” and Thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla”, which authors show that the integration level is higher with the possible integration of “Kolubara” and TENT than in the case of thermal power plants and mine “Kostolac”, where coal and electricity production are one system.

Svetomir Maksimović and Snezana Lekić Kojić in front of “Electric Power Industry of Serbia,” and Igor Miljanović from Mining and Geology Faculty in Belgrade, believe that unified electricity and coal production in “Kostolac”is a great solution, and, based on this example, analyze the possible unification of “Kolubara” and TENT.

In the introductory part of the work the authors remind of input-output analysis, which, among other things, can be an effective mathematical and model tool to analyze and resolve structural commercial and economic issues in the production and conversion of coal energy to electrical energy, as well as a powerful tool for decision support, especially in large mining systems. The work also defines the general assumptions of input-output model of a complex economic system, the practical application of input-output analysis to the case of “Kolubara”, showing concrete results and proposals of measures related to the further implementation of these models.

The authors give models of several econometric analyses for companies and examine the structure conformity and integration level of “Kolubara” and TENT. Results obtained by using some models of input-output analysis to the case of “Kolubara” and TENT, point to the possibility that ,through the application of cross-sectored analysis, more realistic observe mutually very complex dependencies and influences within the coal industry and companies, at the time when the economy of Serbia is in the process of restructuring .