Serbia, Possible privatization of EPS?

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The Norwegian company “Rystad Energy” performed an analysis of the energy sector in Serbia and proposed changes in five phases, one of which is the re-registration of ownership, which does not exclude the possible entry of private capital, writes the newspaper “Nova” today.

In the document that “Nova” had access to, within the third phase “the potential entry of private capital” into Elektroprivreda Serbia, and even a “concession arrangement” is hinted at.

The newspaper reminds that at the end of July of this year, the process of transformation of the Public Enterprise Elektroprivreda Srbije into a joint-stock company began, which opened the way for the entry of private capital into that state-owned company.

“Although the government denies that such a scenario is planned, many moves indicate that everything is going in that direction,” writes “Nova”.

A new moment is the state’s decision to include a consultant – the Norwegian company “Rystad Energy” – in fixing the situation in the energy sector, the paper assesses, emphasizing that the Norwegians have specified five phases, or modules, through which the energy sector should go, Danas reports.

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