Serbia: Potential bidders for the construction of desulphurization plant visited TENT A, Bids submission by 19th May

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Representatives of five companies (Kawasaki Heavy Industries, LTD, Mitsubishi- Hitachi consortium, FisiaBabcock, Alstom Power and Andriz Energy), potential bidders for the construction of future desulphurization plant, have visited TENT Obrenovac power plants. 250MEUR FGD project is the first phase of planed environmental modernization cycle on TENT power plants which are producing more than 50% of Serbian electricity.

After call was sentto them on 11thFebruary to participate in the tender for the contractors selection, they, in their so-called first “site – visit”, in an interview with the management of Subsidiary TENT, have got familiar with the technical details of the four existing thermal capacities (units A3- A6) and have visited the site where the desulphurization plant will be built, and also location for construction of accompanying facilities. On this occasion, a Japanese consulting firm TEPSCO has informed potential bidders with the specifications of this project.

This is a very important and expensive environmental project within PE EPS, for the first time built in Serbia, for which the Government of Japan has provided favorable loans of 250 MEUR. The project Implementation will significantly improve the environment and reduce sulfur dioxide emissions in the air at the exit of plant below 200 milligrams per cubic meter which meets European standards.

– It is expected all technical detailsto be compliedbefore14thMarch, which will help these companies in their bids preparationt and submission  no later than 19th May of 2014th – says Mr Cedomir Ponocko , director of Subsidiary TENT . – Then will follow the the bids evaluation by EPS and TENT , which will run in several phases and will last for approximately three months , following approval by JICA ( Japan International Cooperation Agency ) as a representative of the Japanese government , which should be completed by the end of January 2015th . Upon receiving approval in mid-February,it is expected to be signed a contract with the selected contractor.

As said Ponocko, after the contract signing  the selected contractor will start with the project development , and very soon, it is expected to start the first works that when begin, will last up to 42 months and will run in two phases.

– Firstly will be built plant for units A3 and A4, and then for units A5 and A6 – Ponocko said , adding that, in parallel with these activities in TENT A, they will work on the plant construction in Kostolac , as well as in TENT B for which already start preparation the preparations for the tender documents draft .

By this system introduction, or by using a wet – limestone technology, a desulfurization byproduct will be gypsum whose production would be about 400.000 tons per year, which, together with the ash, could be used in building and road construction. Previously it should pass appropriate legislation that would treat them as a building material, and not a scrap.

Source; Serbia Energy

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