Serbia: Power generation facilities & consumption forecast

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Until 2025, one can expect electricity consumption growth in Serbia of below 1% by average per year. This forecast is given in the Draft Energy Sector Development Strategy until 2-15 which was defined by the Government in early 2014. These assumptions take into account consumption growth in the industrial sector as well as the implementation of measures for energy efficiency increase in all consumption sectors. The unknown tempo of the economic growth makes the development of the consumption forecast more difficult and increases the risk for potential investors.

New power plants are necessary so as to cover the electricity consumption growth and so as to replace the power plants which, due to their long lifetime and inability to comply with environment protection requirements, will be shut down. PE EPS is preparing further revitalisation and modernisation of existing power plants which will have their installed capacity increased as well. Ever greater share of the demand in the future will be covered by the use of renewable energy sources in line with the National Action Plan for the Use of Renewable Energy Sources of the Republic of Serbia which defined around 3,100 GWh production until 2020.

The Decision of the Ministerial Council of EnC allowed the postponement of the enforcement of the EU Directive on Large Combustion Plants, i.e. on the emission of sulphur and nytrogene oxides until 2023 with special conditions. The result of this is that over 1,100 MW to which this Directive refers and which provide more than 15% of the total production at the moment, can be still operating until that deadline in line with a certain operating regime. The urgent construction of new power plants is postponed to the extent provided by the Directive.

Thermal power plants

The revitalisation and modernisation of thermal units which have not gone through that procedure is planned in the future.

Due to their age, low efficiency, high production costs and environment protection, the oldest generators will be out of operation. The first one to be out of operation will be the thermal power plant Kolubara A.

A new thermal capacity that is most likely going to be constructed among other facilities is the third unit in TPP Kostolac B, of 350 MW capacity fueled by lignite.

Capacities in lignite mines should be timely harmonised with the demand of thermal power plants by the expansion of existing pits and opening new ones which will replace the almost exhausted ones.

Hydro power plants

Revitalisation and modernisation of hydro power plants Đerdap 1 of 1,058 MW capacity, Zvornik of 96 MW and other PE EPS hydro power plants is either planned or already initiated.

Apart from the revitalisation and modernisation of existing hydro power plants, the construction of hydro power plants on Ibar, Morava and Drina rivers as well as of the pumped-storage hydro power plant Bistrica of 4×170 MW is either considered or being prepared. , transmits

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