Serbia: Power market 2014, Companies awaiting offers from new suppliers

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The electricity market liberalization will bring at least 20 percent higher bills to the Serbian companies. Unprepared businessmen, information scarce and vague, and deadlines for contracting are controversial.

Electricity market for 3.200 companies in Serbia, from 1st  January 2014th will be completely open, and it will also mean the market prices of electricity, which will at least be 20 percent higher than before .

Most businessmen unwilling welcome the electricity market opening in Serbia, stressing that the information is very scarce and vague, that public procurements, which will have to be announced when choosing a supplier, are confusing and the contracts do not specify the quality of electricity.

Also the deadlines are controversial because they must enter into supply contracts by the end of 2013th or they could be disconnected from the network within two months. It still has been waiting for the Draft Energy Law which could resolve many questions about the electricity market liberalization. This act also should solve the costs of operators’ services which there are five in Serbia.

As said Ljiljana Hadzibabic, from the Energy Agency, there are around 70 licensed suppliers in Serbia, but thirty of them are actively. Changing supplier is free to the customer, but the job must be completed for up to 21 days.

– Contracts with customers will be signed on an annual basis and will be based on the planned consummation – said Zvezdan Cosic, assistant director of “EPS supply “, on Monday – We have signed contracts with the distribution system operators and network fee costs will be on our accounts. We will offer two options to the customers – the first is a single price for the higher and lower tariffs and other which will separate prices of higher and lower tariffs.

Some electricity suppliers believe that certain rules deliberately favors “EPS supply “, although officially in the electricity market the same conditions apply to all players.

Source :Serbia Energy/EPS

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