Serbia power market liberalization pauses: Electricity price won’t increase soon due to the administration labirint

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Electricity price won’t increase probably until February because procedural conditions for EPS to ask for price increase are not accomplished yet.

According to earlier announcements, electricity price should increase for 10 to 12% since February.

Government should determine EPS as a major supplier so it can ask for price increase, but deadline for it was in October 2012.

“According to the new energy law, Government should determine company that will be public supplier to all consumers who supply at regulated prices and which ask for license from Energy Agency afterwards. When it gets a license, conditions for a public supply price change are accomplished”, it is said in Energy Agency.

Government should determine reserve supplier who will temporary supply big industrial consumers at higher than regulated prices. Big industrial consumers choose supplier on market since 1 January and they don’t have made any contract yet.

Public supplier should be determined until the end of January or until the beginning of February, it was confirmed to Blic in Energy Agency. EPS said that proposal for new electricity price will be submitted probably next month.

“Formal demand for price change can be sent when government gives to a company a job of public supplier and Energy Agency gives a license”, it is explained in Elektroprivreda Srbije and they reminded that company must inform public about price increase 15 days earlier, according to the energy law.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine