Serbia: Power trader EFT, Price of energy in case of breakdowns

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EFT announced that electricity prices offered to EPS indication prices of energy in case of breakdowns in the region.

Regarding the statement of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic “local traders who offered electricity at 2.3 times higher prices, wanting to earn in the misfortune of the people” and mentioning by name company EFT and its president Vuka Hamovic in some media, the company EFT answered by a press release.

“The price that our Belgrade office offered EPS on Friday last week was given as an indication price of energy in case of breakdowns in the region and the possibility of EFT portfolio to provide energy by termination of existing contracts,” it is said in statement.

Previous day the leaders of EFT stayed in the Republic of Srpska dealing with the organization to help the miners and their families who have been rescued from the flooded Doboj, and after was discussed what assistance would be provided to those in need in Serbia, it was also stated .

“We offer to EPS, without any compensation, using all available EFT’S capacity, which provides access to various European markets, primarily in Hungary and Romania, which EPS does not dispose otherwise,” it is said, adding that on Monday as a help for endangered citizens will be paid 100,000 euros to the account of the Government of Serbia.

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