Serbia: Power utility company EPS for the unique equipment procurement for all subsidiaries

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Each subsidiary company within the Serbia Power Utility Company (EPS) now carries out procurement independently. A single management will be introduced only after EPS corporatization, and thus the whole operation system will be more rational and efficient.

As was explained by in EPS, equipment procurement within the EPS currently is carried out at 14 sites, and every subsidiary company has legal autonomy to implement them.

Each subsidiary company is organized according to its founding act, which does not recognize the EPS as a whole, but as a collection of independent businesses.

“Under the current mode of organization, which is an inefficient and irrational, EPS system makes EPS public company and 13subsidiary companies. PE EPS now has no authority to organize the work within dependent subsidiary companies”, pointed out in the EPS.

The management goal is just to carry out procurements uniquely, and as was noted, the savings would be achieved by this.

The EPS corporatization was planned in Starting Points for company reorganization, which adopted the Serbian Government, in matters of finance, law, information technology, procurement, human resources and public relations.

“With the introduction of corporate management method would be rightly know who in the EPS system is responsible for what, which is not the case now, and one same work would not be performed in 14 different ways, or 14 times, but only once and in a unique way for the whole system”, said in EPS.

The introduction of unified management and unification of business processes and procedures at the EPS system level, at which for more than one and a half year insists EPS Acting Director, Aleksandar Obradovic, 36MEUR would be saved per year, recalled in this company.

“The corporatization will allow to manage all processes within the system, which will raise the level of customer satisfaction, and the owner, the state of Serbia and all its citizens will have an efficient, transparent and profitable company”,  said the company’ management, noting that the next step to the start of corporatization are changes of founding documents of subsidiary companies.

Source; Serbia Energy