Serbia: Power utility company on the stock market, the value of EPS shares after operating data

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Director of the Belgrade Stock Exchange Gordana Dostanic explained that the value of shares of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia will be known after observing data on company business from the previous year and its capital, as well as the number of people who will get them.

“I guess we’ll wait for the final accounts and determine the value of EPS according to data from the end of last year. On the other hand, we know how many people who have not worked in the EPS have the right to shares but there are a number of people who worked in the EPS and cake is divided to them,” said Dostanic .

She, commenting on media reports that the value of a package of actions that 4.8 million people could obtain from EPS ranges from 42 to 165 euros, said it was too early to determine the share price.

Dostanic added that she expects that data on the asset value of the EPS come out in the coming days, after which, she said, the value of shares will be carefully determined.

The director of the Belgrade Stock Exchange noted that EPS is a complex company and that the issue is by which property shareholders shall continue to dispose.

“It is still unknown and early to determine the stock price,” said Dostanic.

Source; Serbia Energy

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