Serbia: Power utility EPS biggest TPP TENT overhaul on A6 unit completed

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A subsidiary of Serbian power utility EPS – TENT, which operates TPP Nikola Tesla, announced that the major overhaul of unit A6 at TPP Nikola Tesla A has completed and the unit was successfully synchronized to the grid.

Head of maintenance at TPP Nikola Tesla A, Srdjan Josipovic said that the overhaul lasted for a month, during which some more demanding works has been done, besides the regular maintenance. Most notably, the replacement of pipes of starter steam line, the overhaul of two boiler circulating pumps, as well as replacement of some boiler equipment.

The statement said that unit A6 was put back online late last week. The overhaul of unit A1 is currently ongoing and will be followed by the overhaul of units A2 and A5.

TENT consists of four thermal power plants Nikola Tesla A, Nikola Tesla B, Kolubara and Morava with total installed capacity of 3,288 MW, transmits