Serbia: Power utility EPS counts on big consuming clients in production sectors

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We will do everything to keep Zelezara Smederevo as an attractive electricity customer, but respecting our economic interests, said EPS director Aleksandar Obradovic.

With the arrival of a strategic partner Zelezara Smederevo will be attractive electricity customer and we will do everything to keep it, but respecting our economic interests, said the director of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) Aleksandar Obradovic on the question whether more favorable electricity price will be offered to Esmark for Zelezara.

Asked whether Esmark sought subsidized electricity price, Obradovic said that this category did not exist, but they would try doing it now, on the experience from 2013th, after the liberalization of the high voltage electricity market, when they lost a big electricity buyer.

I do not see Zelezara as a problem, Obradovic said at a news conference.

He is confident that agreement with a strategic partner will be reached; that Zelezara will become a regular payer who pays its obligations and that in this case EPS will get a potential electricity buyer.

Minister of Energy and Mining Aleksandar Antic said that the subsidized electricity was possible only for energy protected customers.

When it comes to Esmark, Antic said there was no doubt that EPS would have to come up with a electricity price, which was economic and in which EPS had part of its interest, and which would be sized in relation to the assessment of the need to keep Zelezara in EPS portfolio, as one of the largest electricity consumers.

I think they are participating in the energy balance of Serbia with a few percent and as such they are strategically important for each of the energy companies, concluded Antic.