Serbia: Power utility EPS did not requested price increase yet says Jovanovic EPS exec director for power generation

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The executive director of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia for electricity generation Dragan Jovanović said today, at that moment, there were no requests for electricity price increase.

Jovanović said that, at the beginning of year, it had been announced that there would be no price increase by the end of the winter period and that this promise was being fulfilled.

He pointed out that, to that day, the EPS had not submitted any requests for electricity price adjustment and that this issue was within the competence of the Energy Agency, but that there were no requests at that moment, nor had the EPS envisaged electricity price adjustment in the plan for 2015.

However, Jovanović added that “this is not so unambiguous that we can say, yes, this year it will not happen for sure and the issue is locked”.
“The electricity price is a living thing. The EPS is on the way towards establishing profitability in its business operations”, Jovanović said and added that the needs for a particular electricity price were determined from the balance between the costs and revenues.

Jovanović commented that the year 2014 had been difficult in every aspect, the energy aspect as well, due to the consequences of floods and the natural disasters that had been remediated as the Electric Power Industry and the Ministry of Energy had been announcing.

The executive director of the EPS for electricity generation indicated that the deliveries of coal from Kolubara, i.e. Tamnava mines, were being carried out according to the required schedule which satisfied the system needs for electricity at that moment.

“Considering that we have emerged from a hard year, with relatively decreased capacities, of course that the EPS has arranged the delivery of a certain amount of electricity so as to supplement the lacking quantities and the sum of this satisfies the needs of daily consumption”, said Jovanović.

Asked about the EPS reorganization, Jovanović answered that the EPS had gained the Government approval for changing the Memorandums of Association and that he expected the change in the legal status of subsidiaries to be carried out that year, which would still involve a one-hundred-percent state ownership and that the EPS would still be a Serbian public enterprise.

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