Serbia: Power utility EPS HPP Djerdap 1 overhaul on 190MW A1 unit in august

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Power utility EPS Elektroprivreda Srbije biggest HPP Djerdap 1 plans fourth phase overhaul and modernization on its A1 unit 190MW starting from august.

The fourth phase of revitalization of hydro aggregate in hydropower plants Djerdap 1 near Kladovo will start on August 3rd, said the director of hydropower plant near Kladovo, Ljubisa Jokic.

Upon completion of the renovation of hydro aggregate A-5 at the end of March, it was planned to start the fourth stage of the revitalization by stopping the aggregate A-1, the firstborn of Djerdap, which has exploited the water resources of the Danube nearly 4.5 decades. However, the works are prolonged for objective reasons, explains Jokic.

– The Russians are late with the delivery of equipment, in the meantime, the deadline is extended again for another month, so it is agreed that dismantling works on the fourth machine, which enters the process of reconstruction, start on August 3rd, while preparatory work start on July 20th . – said the first man of HPP Djerdap 1.

What awaits employees in the biggest Danube electricity factory is overhaul of Serbian interpreters’ ship, which will last five months.

– We are waiting that the Romanian side finishes the control work on their ship lock because they take a complete translation of ship convoys. When this is over, we enter the overhaul works which should start on June 29th. – Said Jokic.

In parallel with these activities carried out by the control service works on hydro aggregate A-6 on which revitalization was completed in 2011th. These are full time jobs that will be completed in the next two weeks. Otherwise, hydropower plant Djerdap 1, with the current inflow of 4,450 cubic meters of water per second, produces 14 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per day. From the beginning of June, EPS has delivered 350 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, or 90 percent of the plan for June, while from the beginning of the year Djerdap 1 produced 3.1 billion kilowatt – hours of electricity. , transmits