Serbia: Power utility EPS incorporates electricity and coal production subsidiaries into EPS Group

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The Serbian Government gave its approval to the Decision on incorporating the seven subsidiaries for producing electricity and coal into the “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”

The Government also gave its approval to the Decision on creating a distribution system operator “EPS Distribution”.

The Ministry of Mining and Energy announced that, by introducing unified management and by unifying business processes and procedures, conditions were created for more efficient and more profitable business operations of the EPS.

In the announcement, it is stated that a large-scale reorganization and reform has been started in the EPS, the end result of which must be a stable and successful company, and it is pointed out that this is a process in accordance with the Conclusion of the Serbian Government from November 2014, during which all deadlines have been met.

In this way, we want to make an efficient, modern system and, what is most important for the citizens, the intention is to ensure a stable production of coal and electricity”, the Minister of Mining and Energy, Aleksandar Antic, emphasized in the announcement.

We stress, as it was said, that it is the obligation of everyone in the Government to ensure a better future for Serbia, and a part of this future is, without any doubt – a strong Electric Power Industry of Serbia, but it has to be incomparably better organized than it is now.

In the announcement, it is stated that the objective is that the EPS become a globally organized company and a group in which the activities of production, supply and distribution are clearly defined.

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