Serbia: Power utility EPS plans 140MEUR for investments in biggest coal mine

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The minister of energy and mining of Serbia Aleksandar Antić announced that in 2016, 140 million euro will be provided for the investments and the overhaul in the Mining basin Kolubara.Kolubara coal mine is the biggest coal supplier for coal fired power plants Nikola Tesla TENT which are producing more than 50% of Serbian electricity.

While visiting the pit of the Mining basin Kolubara he said that he got a confirmation from the management of this company for the assessment of his ministry that the mining sector needs more investments.

“According to the business plan 2016, we will have 140 million euro for the investments, system maintenance and the overhaul in Kolubara. This will be money well invested from EPS into the further strengthening of the mining sector” said Antić.

According to him, one dredge produces 20 percent of coal in Kolubara which is 12 percent of electricity for the entire Serbia, which is why “top maintenance and overhaul is necessary”.

Antić reminded that in the previous period the key contribution to the growth of electricity production was given by the thermal sector, and thermal power plants produced more than 80 percent of electric power necessary for the consumption needs of the citizens of Serbia.

In the past three days Kolubara delivered 70.000 tons of coal to TENT per day, on average, says he.

„Those are large quantities, even though they are not maximum quantities. With the stabilization of weather we will return to maximum quantities of 90 000 tons a day“.

Antić stressed that the miners should be rewarded in some way, which shall be done because they are working in extremely hard conditions.

“A few warmer days are coming and in that period EPS and EMS will “fix” the system and prepare for the new waves of cold weather and snowfall” Antić said, transmits