Serbia: Power utility EPS stable electricity production and supply despite heat waves

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EPS capacities ready to withstand the higher energy. Systems in EPS can withstand spending up to 120 million kilowatts. The experts do not believe that high temperatures can cause problems in electricity supply

The tropical heat that drew large electricity consumption in Serbia will not be able to threaten the stability of the power system, according to energy experts.

EPS the power system can hypothetically be endangered.

Capacities available to EPS are so designed that they are able to withstand the power consumption of 120 million kilowatt-hours a day, which is a figure higher than what is spent now, experts do not believe in the possibility that the power system is threatened even in the case that the consumption increases.

The electricity production in hydropower plants is good, EPS has a sufficient coal supply from domestic production, has enabled service that can quickly rectify any defect. EPS maintains well its production capacity, the state of the power system is stable and it is certain that regardless of whether spending will be increased it should not expect any problems.

The Electric Power Industry of Serbia has stable supplies of electricity to the citizens and economy despite a severe drought and extreme temperatures, said in EPS. The company points out that all its facilities operate in complex conditions due to the risk of equipment overheating and increased consumption, and, given the conditions in which the system works, the number of failures is negligible. High temperature and air conditioners use for a few weeks, how long we are under the influence of tropical waves, have increased daily consumption. Over the last few days, the average daily consumption was around 81 million kilowatt-hours, which is about 7.5 percent more than in the August average.

Increased coal production

Despite the high temperatures, systems of Mining basin “Kolubara” are working at full steam these days, what shows the fact that the open pit mine Field “D” on August 11th recorded daily production of 50.874 tons of coal, said yesterday in the Electric Power Industry of Serbia. In July, the Field “D” achieved an average between 33,000 and 35,000 tons of coal each day, while in the first week of August it reached 40,000, because due to regular annual equipment overhaul was significantly raised the quality of the tape systems composition, which led to a decrease of delays.

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