Serbia: Power utility EPS TPP TENT A5 unit overhaul and NOx system upgrade

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The unit TENT A5 at thermal power plant Nikola Tesla is off grid for 60 days for the regular overhaul and NOx system upgrade. Initial low NOx project was realize in 2012 together with Hitachi.

Expanded standard repair work will be developed on this unit, which will last 60 days, and most important work is the realization of the second phase of the works to reduce the nitrogen oxides to levels below 200 milligrams per cubic meter.

– This is a system upgrade for the reduction of nitrogen oxide (LNOx) which was made under contract with the firm “Hitachi” during the reconstruction of the mill plant along with the revitalization of the unit A5 in 2012th. OFA 2 channel and corresponding air nozzles on the lateral boiler sides at the level of 50.46 meters will be installed. In this zone, the existing panels of superheater 1 will be replaced with new panels with projected openings for nozzles and there will be done the correction of the panels in the areas of soot blower – says Sonja Filipovic, deputy chief engineer of maintenance in TENT A.

As explained Filipovic, at a mill plant of return channels aero-mixture in the mill will be installed. Also repair of the damaged coal torches will be developed on NOx system. Company “Feromont engineering” will carry out delivery of the equipment is in its final stage with all the necessary work on the system for the reduction of nitrogen oxides.

Unit A5, with power of 344 megawatts, should again be online on October 21st, when all the planned works should be finished. , transmits

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