Serbia: Power utility EPS will not charge electricity bills to floods affected consumers

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“Electric Power Industry” has decided that it will not send the bill for May to the customer to whomfloods destroyed buildings where they live and measuring points through which the consumed electricity is calculated.

EPS also decided, given the current situation conditioned by the floods, to move the deadline for payment of the April accounts until May 31st to all electricity customers in the public supply. This means that all customers in the category of households who pay their bill by May 31st will exercise the right to adiscount of five per cent.

Counters for electricity bills payment in the subsidiarycompanies for distribution will work longer on Saturday, May 31st, than the normal working hours, so that all customers can exercise their right to a discount.

Due to the effects of flooding, during which the EPS suffered extensive damage which rehabilitation will lastfor a long period of time, the Supervisory Board of Public Enterprise “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” directly appeal to all customers to the rational electricity use in order to maintain supply stability of the citizens and the economy of Serbia.

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