Serbia: Preparations for the revitalization and overhaul of the Power Unit А 3 in TENT A, Project worth EUR 80 million

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Revitalization and overhaul of the Power Unit A3 for TPP NT A in Obrenovac shall start on July 1st and will last for 180 days. After that period this Power Unit is supposed to start operating within the network with increased power capacity from 308 to 328.5 MW.

After the realization of this project “three” will have better reliability operation, increased operational period, increased energy efficiency and with the future operation of this Power Unit, negative impact on the environment will be decreased- as said on the meeting of the Company TPP NT Management Board that was held with contractors and equipment suppliers that are going to be engaged on this job.

The project value is EUR 80 million, the funds are provided by the Companies EPS and TPP NT, and more than 30 domestic and international companies are going to be engaged in the project. The plan envisages all works to be finished until December 31st and the Power Unit A3 to start with operation on January 1st 2015.

According to Mr. Milan Petković, deputy director of the Company TPP NT, no matter the complexityof the activities that require the full engagement of all the participants, maximum coordination and fulfillment of all the deadlines, greater problems in the realization of this project are not expected because skilled professionals who have previously proved themselves on similar jobs are engaged.

– This is the third Power Unit on the location of TPP NT A that after the revitalization will have increased power, that is at the moment very important because there are no new capacities in Serbia – said Mr.MihailoNikolić, the director of TPP NT A and the director of the reconstruction and revitalization of the Power Unit A3.

The basic parameters of this Project that is divided in nine Lots, organizational chart of the management team and the Time Schedule of the project implementation are represented by Mr.SvetoDobrojević, the Manager of the Project LOT 1-5 and 9.At the meeting were presented also the directives that define the behaviour and methods of communication as well as the organization of the complete Project in order to implement it successfully.

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