Serbia: Production in HPP Djerdap, favorable hydrology better results

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Seven month production balance of PE “HPP Djerdap”,  has been approximately around the plan, even if there was not the water overflowing the dam in May, the fulfillment of the annual plan is around 67 percent. It seems that the production plan will be achieved in the remaining four months of the year, if the favorable hydrologic conditions last.

The employees of PE HPP “Djerdap” are determined to supply “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” with the maximum energy amounts and to convert every drop of water into highly needed power. In July, HPP “Djerdap 1” fulfilled 99 percent of the plan or, more precisely, it produced 414 kWh out of the planned 419 kWh. The cause of this small underperformance lies primarily in the small flow of the Danube, as well as in the extended capital overhaul of the Unit A4.

In July, in HPP “Djerdap 2”, the plan was exceeded by 8 percent, and instead of the planned 127 million kWh, nearly 137 million kWh was achieved. Such a good result was achieved thanks to the good operational readiness of all units.
There is noticeable over-fulfillment of the “Vlasinske HPP” which almost four times exceeded the electricity production plan and instead of the planned 6 million, they achieved 23.7 million kWh.

The Danube HPPs, especially HPP “Djerdap 2” paid the price for the unfavorable hydrology, more precisely to excessive water on the River Danube, which in April achieved its 100- year maximum of 16,000 cubic meters per second. That is the reason why “Djerdap 2” these days operated with very low power and had a daily production of only 200,000 kWh. The consequences are clear. In eight months, only 790 million has been produced out of the nearly 1.1 billion kWh planned.

The balance of the older and stronger HPP “Djerdap 1” is much more favorable. In eight months, 4.138 billion kWh has been produced instead of the planned 4.269 billion kWh. If expressed as percentage, it is underperformance of just 3%, which will certainly be compensated and probably much higher by the end of the year.  In favor of this forecast goes the fact that the Danube River inflow of approximately 4,200 cubic meters of water per second is stagnating and that the greater autumn waters are expected.

HPP “Pirot”, where the preparations for the overhauls are in progress, has implemented their seven-month plan of 45 million kWh and exceeded it by a third. It is certain that this balance will be exceeded by the end of the year, since the overhauls will have been finished by 14th November, and the lake will be full of water.

On the verge of setting a record

At the moment, the most significant production results are achieved by “Vlasinske HPP”.  By the beginning of August, the annual production plan of 147 million was exceeded by 15 million kWh. It is likely that, though the overhaul in these electric power plants is yet to start, the figure of nearly 400 million kWh will be exceeded by the end of the year and the new production record might be set. This is implied by the good work of PAP Lisina, which has already pumped 86 milion cubic meters of water, i.e. 15% more than planned and the fact  that “there is“  80% of  water in Vlasina lake, not counting the daily inflows and pumping performance.

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