Serbia: Public debate for Vetrozelena wind farm regulation plan

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Vetrozelena wind farm is going to be located on the territory of Banatsko Novo Selo and Dolovo. The municipality of Pancevo has put a detailed regulation plan for the construction of this wind farm up for public debate, which will last until 1 January 2021.

According to the regulation plan, the wind farm will cover an area of 49.48 square kilometers of agricultural land, which has no protected nature areas. According to estimates, the location enables the installation of up to 60 wind turbines with combined power output of 300 MW, with maximum height of 250 meters. Initially, the investor planned to build 20-30 wind turbines with combined installed capacity of 160 MW, but the output was later increased.

The project is developed by newly established company Vetrozelena, backed by Australian CWP Renewables as an investor, which is already present in Serbia with Cibuk wind farm. CWP Renewables is a joint venture of British Wind Prospect and US Continental Wind Partners (CWP).