Serbia: Regulator requests from DSO companies to prepare rationalization plans

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Serbian Energy Agency (AERS) announced on Wednesday that AERS requested from DSO companies within EPS to provide new plans of development, reduction of network losses and analysis of employees structure.

As stated in the announcement, distributive companies are called to develop comparative cost analysis of local fees, taxes, shares and same costs, and to suggest rule change by which would be provided equalization at state level.

DSO were also asked to provide that costs in payment operation for paying the bill of electricity consumers that have right on public supply be solved as soon as possible on unique way, to provide consumers equality, and also to set out measures program for undiscriminating acting security, provided with Law of Energy.

From company, EPS Supply, it was asked to do analysis of influences of electricity bills discount on money flow of company.

Source;EPS/Serbia Energy/Aers