Serbia: RES draft Law on public debate

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The public debate on the draft laws began on 21 January and will last until 9 February 9.

Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy has published the draft Law on Renewable Energy Sources, as part of a package of new regulations which includes the draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Energy, the draft Law on Energy Efficiency and Rational Use of Energy and the draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Mining and Geological Research.

The draft Law on Renewable Energy Sources stipulates that the mandatory share of energy from renewable sources will be set out in the National Climate and Energy Plan (NECP), which will be part of the amended Law on energy. The draft also introduces prosumers and energy communities into legislation.

The draft proposes the introduction of auction-based model for subsidizing RES electricity production, however, keeps feed-in tariffs for small hydropower plants. The draft further proposed that balancing responsibility will remain on state-owned power utility EPS, but only until the launch of the intraday market on SEEPEX.