Serbia: RES production accounted for 23.12 % in total electricity consumption

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Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Aleksanadar Antic said that Serbia has an obligation to reach the share of electricity production from renewable sources in total consumption to 27 % by 2020, adding that it currently stands at 23.12 %.

Minister Antic pointed out that the Government currently offers incentive tariffs for 1,092 MW of installed capacity in renewable sources, of which wind power has the largest share of some 500 MW, while the rest is accounted for small hydropower plants, solar, geothermal and biomass power plants, adding that it is crucial that all the regulations necessary for the development of largescale wind projects have been adopted this year. He added that two power purchase agreements (PPA) with privileged producers have been signed so far, one for Cibuk wind farm and the other for La Piccolina wind farm near Vrsac.

He reminded that with the support of the European Commission, state-owned power utility EPS invested more than 200 million euros in environmental projects, primarily in solving the problems of air pollution and desulfurization and denitrification at key thermal power plants in Serbia. In addition to already invested amount, EPS will invest another 700 to 900 million euros in the next few years, thus becoming the largest investor in environmental protection in Serbia.