Serbia: Reservoir Capital quits Brodarevo HPPs

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Nothing yet happened with loudly announced construction of hydroelectric power plants in Lim valley. It is suspected that the Canadians gave up. It is stuck around purchase of state land. Construction of hydro power plant in Lucice is not started, despite the announcement of Canada’s “Reservoir Capital” from Toronto and the subsidiary REV in Belgrade. It was said that when the water level of Lim drops, they will begin diverting the river and other preparatory works for the construction of two HPP at Brodarevo.

In Lim valley, disputes and conflicts last about damming the river for seven years. The rumors “broke” that Canadians gave up on the “deal of the century” and kilowatts of Lim. The Coordinating Committee for the defense of Lim and some NGOs are crowing. They say they won the battle for the preservation of the “Green River”.

– In research, projects, land acquisition and other preparatory works it has been invested over 15 MEUR – said REV. – In the final preparations, it stuck around approval for the purchase of 130 acres of state land that will be inundated. Estimates were made, and we are waiting for six months for the green light of the Property Directorate and the Government of Serbia, to obtain zoning and building permits.

Many people saw a chance to work, rather than migrations across the border, in the announcements that initially it will be hired several hundred builders, and in the midst of the works even thousands of workers. Therefore, the coordination committee for communications and building support to HPP Lim wonder why the local government and the states are silent on the slow actions and they seek admission in the Government of Serbia.

– State constantly announces the arrival of foreign capital, and the investment of 140 million euros is waiting for a more efficient procedure. Why the authorities do not resolve claims REV? What’s the obstacle to the realization of this, if all the previous consents and the study were positive? – Asks Ljubisa Vukovic, President of the Board.

Some of the experts on the situation say that the problem is not only the support of the state, but the problem is something else. They claim that Canadians lack the resources for kilowatts and remind us that within companies interested in HPP also operates another company since recently, which achieved good results by investing in mining and geothermal sources in the Bor, Vranjska Banja …

Source; Serbia Energy/Novosti Prijepolje daily

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