Serbia: Restart of new reversible Djerdap 3 HPP project, Germans or Chinese as partners but Romania have to be consulted, report

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Electricity production will stabilize on 7 to 8 billion KW yearly until 2018, after finalization of aggregate’s renewal in first Djerdap’s plant near Kladovo.

If “Djerdap 3”, the biggest future reversible plant in Europe, is constructed, which was talked a lot, Serbia will be able to double its KWs from Danube.

It is still uncertain when and how this procedure will be launched, but this project is certain to be paid off and then Serbia will be dominative on European electricity market with its realization.

Djerdap’s area would provide significantly more profitable electricity in long terms with three plants. There will be no risk from eventual earthquake disasters and it will be from renewable natural resource which is the most important thing. Water from Danube simply cannot be spent and exploitation of our coal mines would be slowed down.

Dragan Stankovic, Director of PD HPP “Djerdap” says that there are much unknown information with reference to its construction but it wouldn’t be bad to launch innovating of old projects and ideas in accordance with new circumstances. He stresses that it is very necessary to talk with our neighbors Romanians about this project, not because of common project like in construction of “Djerdap 1” and “Djerdap 2” but about that how the construction of this project can influence on work of existing common Danube’s plants in Djerdap.

Stankovic stresses that hardly anyone can provide 4 to 6 billion EUR to construct “Djerdap 3”, 2.400 MW strong. But we can prepare projects and talk to Romanians and potential strategic partners. Germans, Chinese, Russians and Norwegians have expressed interest so far.

“Djerdap 3” that would be constructed in area between Donji Milanovac and Golubac can be very powerful and attractive reversible plant. Total power of Djerdap’s plants would be increased to 1254 MW and 432 MW from “Djerdap 2” and 2400 MW from future “Djerdap 3 should be added to that. KW will be doubled with higher power in this and the next century.

Reversible “Djerdap 3” will be included in production only in periods of the biggest needs and consumption during coldest days or in times of huge draughts and disasters in our and neighbor EU plants. Then its electricity can have a good price and it will be waiting in accumulations of this plant until then.

According to the project from Energoproject from 1973, projects would be constructed in locations Pesaci, Brodica and Zeleznicki potok, where the biggest accumulative lakes that would be filled with water from Danube, will be placed. Construction will be in phases. Two aggregates 300 MW strong would be constructed in the first phase and 1200 more MW will be added in the second phase and 600 more MW in the third phase.

Construction of each of these phases would last 4 to 5 years, like it was planned in 1973 when it was calculated that 250 million dollars need to be invested in the first phase. This procedure is estimated to cost 4 to 6 billion dollars at the moment.

Our experts won’t give up despite frightening procedure. The most advanced is the Memorandum for Understanding between EPS and German Company RWE for common research and possible construction of reversible plant “Djerdap 3” and one project which includes hydro power plants on Velika Morava. RWE already gave up TENT B3 project as well as HPPs project in Republika Srpska and it seems unclear now what are their intentions and shall we count on their involvement in Serbia anymore. Chinese companies are expecting exactly that information from Serbian stakeholders as their bids are financially concrete, for Djerdap HPP as well as for other reserved projects by German RWE. Norwegian and Canadian companies and investments funds expressed clear interest but nothing comparable to Chinese financial power and political interest in Serbia.

Our experts are estimating at the moment if 2 years are required for completion of documentation. Future plant is said to have 4 aggregates with power of 600 MW because our neighbor is announcing construction of similar plant from his side of Danube River. Danube and Djerdap have a plant of water which offers precious KWs in long terms.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS/ Timocke Vesti