Serbia: Reversible HPP Bistrica project, Lavalin or Chinese CWE?

20. June 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Dr Zorana Mihajlovic, Minister of Energy in Serbian Government, says that HPP “Bistrica” near Nova Varos will be constructed.

She added that there is a strategic agreement with the company “Lavalin” for construction of “Bistrica”, but it should arrive in Parliament and nothing at all has been arranged so far and “Lavalin” Delegation supposes to come to Belgrade in mid-June.

-Serbia has strategic agreement with Canada, but we are open for cooperation so the facts that we obligated to Chinese CWE are not true- she added.

Reversible HPP “Bistrica” is mentioned among priority projects of Serbian Energy Strategies in the next 10 years.

Local media writes that Ministry of Energy and EPS think that it is not good time for this project, referring to Government’s sources.

Source; Agencies/MERZ/Serbia Energy/EPS

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