Serbia: Revitalization of A5 in HPP “Djerdap 1” managed by Russia Power Machines OJSC company

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Workers HPP ” Djerdap 1” successfully completed the rotor disassembly of the main generator no. 5 , one of the most complex operations in the third phase of the revitalization of our biggest hydropower plant . With the crane help of a large carrying capacity, this vital and impressive part of the powerful machine, weighing more than 600 tons, was lifted from its seat and transferred to the assembly plateau, where the revitalization will be carried out, before the re- installation during next year.
Next are disassembles of the stator, the turbine shaft, carrier bearing, turbine cover and the impeller turbine at the end. In total, by the end of disassembly works, which began on 11th November, will be dismantled 1.300 tons of A5components and parts. For now, the disassembly has been performed according to plan and it is reasonable to expect that it will be completed by the end of the year, when it is expected to start revitalization works.

As pointed out Ljubisa Jokic, director of HPP “Djerdap 1”,  the special scaffolding would be installed in the trap and in the spiral flow stripe for the purpose of flow bodies’ repair, or rehabilitation and corrosion protection (ACP). In the HPP “Djerdap 1” will be performed the inspection and preparation of aggregate’ parts revitalization, which will be conducted partly in the halls of the Russian partners” Силовије машини” in St. Petersburg, partly in domestic factories in the region, partly inside the HPP “Djerdap”, in the so-called overhaul basis.

Source: Serbia Energy/EPS

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