Serbia, Revitalization of hydropower plant Zvornik was completed on time

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The revitalization of hydropower plant Zvornik was completed on time, efficiently and accurately, said Minister of Energy and Mining Zorana Mihajlovic during her visit to the first hydropower plant built on the Drina river. She visited the plant with Klaus Mueller, Regional Director of the German Development Bank (KfW) for southeastern Europe.

Minister Mihajlovic said that state-owned power utility EPS is facing great challenges in the near future, but she assured that the company can cope with these challenges and can invest a lot and influence Serbia to achieve dominant green energy production in the coming decades.

Director of Capital Investment Sector at EPS Vladimir Markovic said that EPS had invested approximately 65 million euros from a KfW Bank loan in the revitalization of all four units of HPP Zvornik, adding that, in four years, strength, efficiency and reliability of the plant has been significantly increased due to the revitalization project.

Installed capacity of HPP Zvornik has been increased by an additional 30 %, from 92 MW to 122 MW. The revitalized generators were put into operation gradually from December 2016 to January 2020 and have so far produced more than 1.75 million MWh of electricity. New, more efficient generators have enabled HPP Zvornik, which was built in 1955, to set more monthly records in green energy production and break even more daily records. Thus, on 2 May, the latest daily record in the production of 2,855 MWh of electricity was set.

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