Serbia: Revitalized unit A2 at HPP Zvornik to be operational in January 2018

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Serbian state-owned power utility EPS said that it expects to complete the modernization of unit A2 at hydropower plant Zvornik in January 2018.

EPS said that the main testing of operations with water will be performed in late November, followed by a month-long trial run, which means that the revitalized unit A2 could be put back into operation in January next year. The company also said that it has invested 50 % of planned 63 million euros in the modernization of HPP Zvornik so far.

The modernization project started in 2015, and the overhaul of unit A1 was successfully completed on 23 December 2016, since when this unit was operational for 3,689 hours and produced 83,544 MWh of electricity. Modernization of the third unit (A3) of HPP Zvornik will begin after the completion of overhaul of unit A2.

HPP Zvornik was put into operation in 1955, and its power output is 96 MW. In March 2014, company Voith Hydro has won a tender for the revitalization of this hydropower plant. The plan is to increase the power output of the plant by 30 % through the revitalization. The modernization of HPP Zvornik should be completed in 2019.