Serbia: Rules implementation on the distribution systemoperation, small hpps connection to the grid

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At meeting of the Commission for monitoring the Rules implementation on the distribution system operation, which was held in a business, it was considered part of the Rules relating to the connection of new producers facilities (smallpower plants) to the distribution system.

In the work of the Commission , appointed by the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia ( AERS ) are representatives of distribution companies and Directorate for EPS distribution, as well as representatives of ” Elektromreza Serbia ” , while representatives of users ( consumers and customers ) do not respond to regular calls for participation in the work .

– Continuous amending the rules of the distribution system operation is necessary because of the need for constant adjustments with current normative acts, both domestic and package of harmonization measures with the European Union. The public hearing on the proposed revised Rules have been held three times In the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, with a special emphasis on the most sensitive part on connectionof new producers facilities- says Bojan Ivanovic , a representative of EPS Directorate for the electricity distribution, which chaired yesterday’s meeting .

According to him, the Commission so far has agreed on more than 90 percent of the criteria for the connection of small power plants, and the goal is they tobe mitigated and adjusted to actual conditions. This will, in fact, simplify and facilitate the connection process to the producers. Given that the Commission has carried work to an end, our interlocutor announcesthat this part of amending the Rules on the distribution system operation will be soon submitted to AERS for approval and then will be applied in practice.

Source; Serbia Energy

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