Serbia: Russia RISI institute claims Energy mInister Mihajlovic sabotages state energy deal

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Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic sabotages agreement between President Tomislav Nikolic and Vladimir Putin, said Leonid Reshetnikov from Russia Insitute for Strategic studies RISI.

“Nikolic and Putin discussed the issues related to the construction of the” South Stream “. Unfortunately, Serbia’s attitude on this issue is quite inconsistent – two Presidents agree on one, and Serbian Minister of Energy gives a modified attitude which Russia could not accept” said Reshetnikov, director of the Russian Institute for Strategic studies (RISI).

“Even last September, the Russian president told Nikolic – Agree about South Stream, it is impossible that the president says one thing and his Minister the opposite. During the past year there have been no changes in this regard, Zorana Mihajlovic continues to sabotage the agreement between two presidents”, said the director of RISI in an interview with the weekly NIN.

He recalled the occasion of the last meeting of the leaders of the two countries, that the Serbian media published the news that Putin told Nikolic – “Agree, finally, who is the boss in the house.”

“The official Russian media have not published these words, but in general, we have no reason to doubt that Putin could declare something like this,” Reshetnikov said, among other things, and pointed out that “confusion and hesitation in Serbian leadership, when the right hand does not know what does the left, have to cause confusion among Russian authorities.”

We remind, RISI was formed under the auspices of President Putin, and their office was recently opened in Belgrade.

Source; Serbia Energy

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