Serbia: Russian Silovye Mashiny might participate in TENT reconstruction

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Serbian Energy Minister held a meeting with representatives of the Russian company to talk about the modernization of the existing energy capacities and the process of energy transition. Deputy CEO of Russian company Silovye Mashiny Kirill Maximov said after the meeting with Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic that the company is interested in other projects in Serbia in addition to the completion of the project of revitalization of the hydropower plant Djerdap 1, such as taking part in the energy transition and opening new energy facilities. She said that Silovye Mashiny is realizing projects important to the energy stability of the state and the improvement of the operations of state-owned power utility EPS. Serbia’s strategy of energy development and the national plan for climate and energy are bringing phases of switching to renewable energy sources until 2040 with a vision until 2050. A part of the strategy also concerns green and blue hydrogen. Also, one of the main goals is the raising of energy efficiency. The Ministry will be soon presenting the book of planned investment projects and all Russian companies, not just Silovye Mashiny, are welcome. Maximov said that the company was interested not just in the revitalization of the HPP Djerdap 1, which should be completed by the end of 2022, but also in the project of revitalization of HPP Djerdap 2 and reconstruction of the TPP Nikola Tesla, as well as the construction of new energy facilities. It would also like to be included in the process of energy transition in Serbia and help make the existing equipment in power plants more energy efficient.

Siloviye Mashiny is involved in the overhaul and modernization of units of hydropower plants Djerdap 1 and 2. In the period between 2011 and 2019, Russian company modernized 5 units of HPP Djerdap. In 2019, an agreement on the modernization of HPP Djerdap 2 was signed. Modernization works will also increase the plant’s output from 270 to 320 MW and extend its operational life by 30 years. Termoelektrane Nikola Tesla (TENT) consists of four thermal power plants Nikola Tesla A, Nikola Tesla B, Kolubara and Morava with total installed capacity of 3,288 MW. With total power output of 1,650 MW, TPP Nikola Tesla A is the largest thermal power plant in Serbia and generates around 30 % of its total electricity production.