Serbia: Sandvik to deliver mining equipment new spreader for Kolubara mine company

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The procurement of the new spreader for interburden with the capacity of 12.000 cubic meters per hour is one part of the project “Environmental protection and improvement in Kolubara coal basin” which is financed by the loan of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the German Development Bank (KfW) and PE EPS own resources.

Mining basin “Kolubara” company hosted the meeting of the representatives of PE EPS, MB “Kolubara” with the representatives of the company “Sandvik” and the consulting firms “Mibrag” and RWE has been held, which marks the start of the project implementation of the new spreader procurement for the mine “Tamnava-West field”.

As pointed out at the meeting, the previous cooperation with “Sandvik” has been very successful and fruitful, and is expected to be continued on this project. As stated by the representatives of consulting firms on this project, along with all usual stages in the implementation of this part of the project, the most important thing is the training of employees in MB “Kolubara” and EPS with the aim of being completely familiar with all elements of the quality control system, since this kind of project is being implemented for the first time in Serbia, and the application of the new technology requires knowledge of all segments of this part of the work.

The project “Environmental protection and improvement in Kolubara coal basin” consists of three parts. The first part is the project A – design, manufacture and erection of the ECS system for the future open pit mine Field “C”. The cost of this part of the project is 80 million euros and is financed by the EBRD loan.

The project B includes the spreader for interburden for the mine “Tamnava-West field”, with a capacity of 12.000 cubic meters per hour, and the project C includes the coal quality management system in Tamnava mines. The loan for projects B and C, in the amount of 65 million euros, as well as nine million euros of grant, has been provided by the KfW bank.

The implementation of the project, which is widely known as the “Green loan”, will enable large financial savings in the production process, rational use of coal as a non-renewable natural resource, safe supply of power plants with lignite of uniform quality and reduction of hazardous gas emissions – CO2, SO2 and NO2, as well as the amount of ash and slag. EPS will invest its own funds in the project implementation in the amount of 28 million euros.