Serbia: SEEPEX power exchange and benefits for TSO Co EMS & Power utility EPS

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SEEPEX may attract regional electricity producers, electricity traders and some large consumers from the region which will participate on the SEEPEX power tock exchange. Benefits for Serbian energy companies, grid company EMS and power utility EPS, are huge.

It is the Energy Exchange, which operates on the principle day ahead. In other words, the deliveries are contracted one day in advance. It is an opportunity for Serbian power utility EPS to sell its electricity surplus on this stock exchange when there are any, and to collect certain funds.

This is also an opportunity for Serbian TSO grid company EMS to get the required electricity quantity. Unlike EPS, EMS as a company has no right to trade electricity but has the right to buy to cover losses and to provide balancing network system. It is obvious that also the electricity traders and some companies will appear in this stock exchange. At the beginning among these companies will not be those from Serbia because the preconditions for entering the stock exchange are a good organization and knowledge of the rules of electricity trading on the stock exchange.

The SEEPEX electricity stock exchange in Serbia and Southeast Europe was officially registered at the Agency for Business Registers Serbia and it is expected to begin working in late November. Establishing a stock exchange or organized electricity market will make Serbia a kind of energy hub of the entire region of Southeast Europe. The SEEPEX Company is owned by TSO company EMS “Elektromreza Srbija” and European stock exchange EPEX Spot, and the first session of the Sepeks Supervisory Board was held last week. Market rules, as well as admission procedures for future SEEPEX members will be published in July and August, and the official testing of the system with potential participants on the Stock Exchange will commence in September.

In EMS say that SEEPEX will support the development of a competitive, transparent and reliable electricity market in Serbia and Southeast Europe, and greatly increase the volume of electricity trading in the region. SEEPEX represents an important step in creating and implementing an adequate solution to establish a regional electricity market in Southeast Europe and also for its future integration into a single pan-European market.

With SEEPEX the ambitious of Serbia to become an energy hub increased. Electricity surplus exports from Romania and Bulgaria as well as the interconnection with Italy thru underwater power cable Montenegro-Italy can make SEEPEX important for overall European energy market integration. , transmits

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