Serbia: SEEPEX power exchange, benefits for power utility EPS

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SEEPEX DAM power exchange started its official operation. SEEPEX hopes to bring Bosnia, Macedonia and Montenegro power utilities to connect so SEEPEX can compete with CROPEX and OPCOM.

The opening of electricity exchange would enable “Elektroprivreda Serbia” and other producers of electricity in Serbia and the region to sell the surplus electricity on the market and make a profit, as it was pointed out by experts.

Thanks to “Sepeks” EPS will be able to sell and buy electricity in the exchange in a transparent manner. EPS will, in fact, have the ability to trade electricity with fewer procedures than now. It will be especially beneficial that they will be able to sell their surpluses or cover their shortages of electricity in the day-ahead market, which will enable better placement than the old trading system.
The existence of electricity exchange is a very good step because it will allow transparency in the market and contribute to competitiveness.

Sepeks spot electricity exchange introduces Serbia in the ranking of countries that enable all actors in the market to trade in the exchange, and not only through mutual contracts. – “Sepeks” will encourage the development of a competitive, transparent and reliable electricity market in Serbia and Southeast Europe, which will increase the volume of trade in electricity in the region. The trade in “Sepeks” Exchange will be in accordance with the system of Serbian day-ahead electricity market, which will contribute to the establishment of a regional electricity market in South East Europe.

The electricity exchange “Sepeks” grew out of “Elektromreža Srbija” and it was formed as a joint venture by Serbian Transmission System Operator “Elektromreža Srbija” and the European Electricity Exchange.

By opening the power exchange Serbia gets one more modern market, and whether  EPS will make profit and how much, depends on the skills of its representatives to trade in “Sepeks” Exchange as well as supply and demand. The importance of the existence of the energy exchange is high, since Croatia and Bulgaria rushed to open their exchanges so Serbia would not overtake them. In the electricity exchanges large consumers of electricity can trade too if, of course they fulfill the prescribed requirements. Large customers will be able to be supplied directly in the exchange, if they are registered in the exchange or through traders, which will buy electricity for them .

Working in line with European best practice

The operation of “Sepeks” will be based on the trading platform ETS, which “Epex spot” uses to work in all its markets in Central and Western Europe, while clearing and financial settlement in “Sepeks” will be conducted by the clearing house ‘European Commodity Clearing “AG, in the manner and in accordance with best European practices in this area. Participants in “ Sepeks “will have significant benefits from the applied high standards, both in terms of trade and in terms of clearing services, transmits

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