Serbia: SEEPEX regional competitiveness lies in balancing, 15 active traders expected from start

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Electricity stock market exchange (SEEPEX) will start working by the end of November, announced executive director of SEEPEX Milos Mladenovic. SEPEX expects 10 to 15 active electricity traders to take part in first opening operational phase.

Mladenovic said that there was significant interest from major European companies for stock exchange in Belgrade because it is recognized as the nucleus of the future regional electricity market.

Preparations are in full swing, the technical tests are completed and everything is going according to plan, and it had started participants receiving for trading on the Stock Exchange – Mladenovic said, adding that it is expected the adoption of the new Law on VAT, which will enable participants from abroad to participate in SEEPEX.

Electricity market or organized electricity market is the icing on the cake in the process of the electricity market liberalization in Serbia, which will further reinforce the importance and position of the domestic electricity market, Mladenovic said. He pointed out that the advantage of the energy exchange is that it provided a reference, transparent electricity price, which was good for investment framework of Serbia because it gave a clear signal to future investors at which price could count.

– Citizens cannot trade on the stock exchange, but they will have indirect benefits of its establishment because the “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” (EPS), which supplies majority of citizens with electricity, will be able to earn more and effectively improves its business, as well as to offer better and more competitive price to customers – Mladenovic pointed out, adding that another advantage of this stock exchange was that the best European practice was transferred and applied for its functioning.

Mladenovic reminds that the Serbian electricity market also is fully liberalized now, but that about half of consumers – citizens and small customers, decided to be supplied at regulated prices determined by the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia (AERS), because also this possibility was given to consumers.

Director of the Secretariat of the Energy Community Janez Kopac said that the establishment of electricity stock exchange in Serbia was a significant step that would push forward electricity market in the region and pointed out that it was necessary strong political support of all countries in the region to integrate this market into the EU market. , transmits