Serbia: Separation of EPS and EPS Distribucija

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The agreement was signed by Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic and Acting Director of EPS Milorad Grcic. The ownership of electricity distribution system operator EPS Distribucija has been transferred from power utility EPS to the Government of Serbia, thus enabling further development of both state companies, which will not be privatized or reduce the number of employees.

Minister Mihajlovic pointed out that the final clear division between the activities would increase the efficiency of both companies, which will remain state-owned. The distribution system operator can start the process of obtaining the license for its type of activity, because it doesn’t have one at the moment, which is not in line with the law. She added that the state would do everything in its power to strengthen both EPS and the electricity distributor.

Grcic said that the transfer of the ownership to the Government of Serbia was the completion of the process that started five years before. EPS will continue investing in production capacities, especially in renewable energy sources. Also, two desulfuring facilities at coal-fired thermal power plants Nika Tesla A and B will be built. Director of EPS Distribucija Bojan Atlagic noted that this move is important for multiple reasons. What follows for the distribution system operator is to obtain the license and adopt a range of other legal acts in order to be able to operate. He added that, through further development, the operator would provide a higher quality of services to the users.