Serbia: Serbian power utility EPS electricity trade over Slovenia, the report

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The new company of “Serbia Power Utility Company” -” EPS Supply” which has been recently established in Slovenia, will enable Serbian EPS to trade electricity in the EU.And it will also facilitate business in the region.

By decision on the new company establishment outside the country, however, it will be also avoided many procedures that public companies in Serbia must comply with. Among the most important and often the most difficult responsibilities are procurements.

In the EPS emphasize that the “EPS Supply” work in Slovenia will strengthen the EPS position in the regional electricity market.

“Electricity trade will be more effective with profits maximizing and costs reducing of electricity supply in Serbia. Actual management is market-oriented, inclined to the modern way of business and making profit over the electricity wholesale and therefore it decided to establish the “EPS Supply” in Slovenia “, emphasize in the “Serbia Power Utility Company” .

To the efficiency in kilowatts trading willalso largely contribute the fact that the new company in Ljubljana will need to comply with regulations on public procurement.

“A company that is set up on the territory of certain state must respect the laws of that country “, says Slobodan Ruzic, an electrical engineer.

The newly established EPS in Slovenia, there is not a public company and does not have to respect our law on public procurement. Long-term processes in these transactions, the tenderingsubversion and process repetition often result thegood deals to be missed in the trade, considering that it is difficult to apply. However, the state did not pass such laws in vain. Their purpose is to avoid misuse in state companies.

As at the conference “Towards the electricity market” , said Zeljko Markovic , acting director of the ” EPS Supply “,there was a problem of public procurement of electricity atthe market, because the public sector did not planelectricity procurement in 2013th , so they could not invite a tenders over the last year.

Vladimir Jankovic, director of the Directorate for the electricity market business of “Elektromreza Srbije”, said that the EMS purchased electricity through public procurement in order to make up for the losses , and that this was months-long process that anyone could quit. This,as he said, is not in line with market opening and is incompatible with the Energy Law.

How much share will have the new company in the electricity sale,in EPS say it depends on the amount of energy available from production capacities. They add that it has nothing to do with trade with other utilities, but with the electricity wholesalers who do business in Europe.

Source; Serbia Energy

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