Serbia: Several foreign companies interested in wind farms construction

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The Government has provided additional incentives to private investors looking to invest in renewable energy sources (RES) and three foreign companies are currently preparing to start the construction of large-scare wind farms in Serbia.

Although this information was not officially confirmed by the Ministry of Energy, the media informs that the three companies in question are from Belgium, Israel and United States. Investors in renewable energy sector in Serbia can count on incentives by the state, namely state-owned power utility EPS is obliged to purchase electricity from such producers at prices much higher than EPS normally produces and sells it.

Former Deputy Minister of Energy Slobodan Ruzic said that RES support scheme adopted by the Government last year are beneficial for both the country and investors as it will spur the interest in the construction of RES facilities in Serbia, especially wind farms.

Ruzic explained that currently only two or three wind turbines are operational in the country, with marginal installed capacity, not exceeding 10 MW, namely wind farms in Kula and Vrsac operated by MK Fintel Wind. Since the state is now providing additional guarantees to investors it is very likely that the construction of at least one large wind farm, with power output between 100 and 150 MW, will start in autumn this year, with the aim of putting it into operation by the end of 2018.