Serbia, Since October, Srbijagas has changed the display of consumed gas on bills

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The public company Srbijagas announced that as of October 1, natural gas delivered will be calculated in kilowatt-hours (kWh) instead of cubic meters (m3).

Srbijagas announced on its website that it received the approval of the Agency for Energy on the decision on the price of natural gas for public supply, and in accordance with the decision on changes and additions to the methodology for determining the price of natural gas for public supply from this year.

“With the aforementioned decision, the tariffs for ‘capacity’ are expressed in ‘dinars/kWh/day/year’, and the tariffs for ‘energy’ in ‘dinars/kWh'”, stated Srbijagas.

As specified, “changes in the methodology are a consequence of the change in the way of measuring delivered natural gas and the introduction of kWh instead of m3 as the calculation size of delivered energy in accordance with the regulation”.

Srbijagas pointed out that the change in the way natural gas prices for public supply “will not have economic and financial effects on the level of tariffs and average prices”, Biznis reports.