Serbia: South Stream agreement placed in Swiss offshore

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Serbia was the only country through which the South Stream pipeline is passing (whose management company established as offshore company in Switzerland) and Serbian minister of economy Radulovic have special answer why Serbia signed the most unfavorable contract?

“The whole project is very important for Serbia and for all countries in the region. There are certain provisions in the contract that talk about the secrecy. Maybe I’d negotiated it differently, but it’s already been negotiated and signed. I can just plan to maximize the project. The most important is the energy security for the entire region.” said Radulovic.

To the question if he is afraid that Serbia will have problems with the EU during the negotiations because the the Energy Community warned that the contract was contrary to European rules, Radulovic said: “For these things we will work in the accession process and it will be the subject of discussions”.

Source; Serbia Energy

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