Serbia: South Stream and Serbia- what is the next?

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If there is need for the amendments to laws on the South Stream, Serbia will comply with the agreed between Gazprom and the European Commission, according to the Ministry of Energy.

“The issue of harmonization of existing agreements on South Stream to the EU legislation is solved within negotiations between Gazprom and the European Commission, and if there is need to improve some of the signed acts, Serbia will act in line with the agreed and procedures of other countries on the pipeline route “, was told to Tanjug in the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

“Until then Serbia will respect all its commitments”, state in the Ministry and point out that this pipeline is of great importance for Serbia, both because of the investment, and the improvement of state energy security.
The implementation issue of project South Stream through Serbia is only the part of the issues resolved on the relation between the European Union – Moscow, Serbia is just one of the countries on the pipeline route the only one who is not a member of the European Union, add in the Ministry.

As for the consequences that we can suffer by the EU, if we, as one of the countries participating in this project, do not suspend the project until the revision of bilateral agreements that Russia has signed with other countries through which the pipeline has to pass, in the Ministry of Energy points out that these consequences are more related to the process of Serbia’s accession to the European Union, and not for eventual kind of litigation to which could be exposed Bulgaria.

“As for the consequences of the project delay, we do not think about them so far, because by observing the fact that Europe in the next years will increase gas consumption by 30 percent, we still hope that an agreement between the EU and Russia would be signed”, according to the ministry and they state that another very important thing is not in favor of the EU, and that is the fact that the Russian Federation began negotiations on gas deliveries to China.”

In the Ministry of Energy remind that Serbia, regardless of the South Stream, has already worked on alternative gas pipelines and interconnections with Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and Croatia.